Deku Leaf


Early Deku Leaf is a sequence break that allows you to obtain the Deku Leaf before completing Dragon Roost Cavern. This sequence break allows you to easily skip the bottle and makes Dragon Roost Cavern slightly faster.

Note: You must obtain the tingle tuner in order to perform this sequence break. It is also highly recommended that you obtain bombs before attempting this.

Early Deku Leaf

After obtaining the Wind Waker, you can do a double storage superswim to Forest Haven in order to skip having to first beat Dragon Roost Cavern. In Forest Haven, you need to activate the Deku Tree cutscene in order for the Deku Leaf to appear. After you've watched this cutscene, damage yourself down to a quarter of a heart with either Chus or Bombs. Exit the inside of Forest Haven at the lowest level. When you are outside, hold your shield and do a backflip (this will kill the Octorok). Walk forward until you hit the little ledge in front of you. If you would like to make the hover more lenient, do a sidehop to the right at this point to change your angle. Place a bomb and then turn around and pull out the Tingle Tuner to call Tingle, along with your sword. After you call Tingle, quickly switch to the Red Ting, and after the bomb knocks you forward, begin a Zombie Hover. Once you've hovered near the highest platform, you can use your Red Ting for 20 rupees to heal yourself. The unique aspect of this hover is that you do not need to actually land on the platform that you're hovering to. If you're relatively close to it when you heal yourself, you'll fall into the water, void out, and spawn back on the platform. From here, you can enter Forest Haven. When you enter, do a sidehop and C-up, line up the B Button with the spot seen in the video below, and then hold forward. If done correctly, Link should have the perfect angle for Bulb Skip, and now you can obtain the Deku Leaf. Skipping the final bulb saves 5 seconds.

As an alternative to using the first-person camera (c-up) to get an angle for jumping to the bulb, you can sidehop right then do two dry rolls, and hold up-left during the second dry roll until you jump. If done right you should land in the bulb. The downside to this is that you need to get the angle for skipping the final bulb in the short time you have before you get spit out.

Found by SVA
Found by SVA

Failed Bulb Skip/Jump Recovery

If you accidentally fail the jump to the bulb, there is a way to get back up without redoing the hover. Generally when you void out somewhere you will respawn at the entrance you used. It is possible to use a roll clip to jump out of bounds and respawn back at the top.

Found by Kolja
Found by Kolja
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