Earth Temple

Skip Using the Command Melody in Chu Room

Discovered by TSA

Place Medli in the center of the ray of light and kill all of the red and green chus. Go back to Medli and walk around her in circles until all of the purple chus have turned to stone.

Get to the Mirror Shield Room Early (Requires Tingle Tuner)

Once you have defeated the chus in the previously mentioned room, use Medli to reveal the chest. Now get dry storage off of one of the pillars in the room and get chest storage. After opening the chest, your screen will turn black, except for a few key features such as Link and Medli's eyes and the ring of light. Using these features, along with your mini-map, pick-up Medli and navigate your way to the Statue room. Note: It is very important that you reveal the chest before you get dry storage, otherwise you will store the cutscene that reveals the chest, and will be unable to open it until you in some way reset the dungeon (such as dying or saving and quitting).

Once you're in the statue room, use Medli to glide over to the statue's left (your right) arm. After you have landed on it, you can drop Medli and maneuver yourself up to the statue's elbow. Wait for the effects of the purple mist to wear-off (if they have not done so already), and use a jumpslash to get on the statue's earring and then another to get onto its head. Sidehop onto the crest on top of the head and then glide over to the ledge with the door. Getting on the crest is not necessary to reach the upper ledge, however it does eliminate the need for leaf pumping--saving some magic.

If you have not done so already, call Tingle and reduce your health to 1/4th heart before entering the next room. It's crucial that you lower your health before entering the next room as it will interfere with the following set-up if you do not. Enter the next room, C-Up and align the right side of the B-Button with the black corner line on the wall. Turn around, sidehop left, jumpslash, backlfip, lay down a Bomb, slash it without L-Target and start the zombie hover.

If your followed the above set-up correctly, the edge of the door frame will help to clip you out-of-bounds. As you are hovering, put a blue ting on B on the Tingle Tuner. Once you have gained significant height, cue the ting and mash the deku leaf right before you get healed. Note: There is a good degree of timing as to when you start mashing the deku leaf. If you begin mashing too early you will exhaust you magic meter and may lose too much height before the ting heals you. If you start mashing too late the ting will heal you before you can get the leaf pulled out and you will jumpslash into the void. This is partially why you are selecting a blue ting--so as to refill both you health and your magic.

After you've pulled out the deku leaf, glide over to the loading zone that leads to the mirror shield room (you may have to use a few leaf pumps to reach it). Note: Once you have obtained the mirror shield you must save-warp to return to the beginning of the dungeon, otherwise you are trapped as you never defeated the enemies to lower the wall in the chronologically preceding room.

This following video shows the Setup that is used for the zombie hover:

Setup by wooferzfg1

Fly to Skull Hammer Peg

Discovered by Unreal

While holding Medli, jump off the ledge on the left of the entrance door into the statue room. Fly with Medli until you are just in front of the switch, let go of Medli, and use the skull hammer to skip the fog.

Aiming Beams of Light Accurately

Normally when you must aim a beam of light at a statue, chest, etc., you must be able to hold the light at the target for a while in order to ensure that the object is melted, or the switch is activated. An easy way to do this is to pull out your sword and stand in the beam of light. While shield go into first person perspective, C-up, and you can then aim the light much easier.

Skip Placing Chu on Switch

Method 1

Discovered by Kazooie

In the room with the two switches and the staircase, pickup Medli and head over up onto the second platform on the right. Angle yourself towards the ledge. Jump off and fly about halfway with Medli, then drop her and glide the rest of the way to the ledge with the deku leaf and grab it. From here, use the Command Melody and fly Medli up to you.

Method 2

Discovered by Venick409

Place Medli on the back switch, then jump onto the front switch to lower the staircase. Immediately after the cutscene, sidehop to the right continuously, until you land on the first step of the raising stairs. From here, use the Command Melody to fly Medli over to you.

Method 3

Discovered by Unreal

Similarly to Method 1, pickup Medli and head over to the same ledge on the right and angle yourself with the top of the staircase ledge. Throw Medli, and if you aligned yourself properly, she should land on top of the staircase. Now angle yourself towards the staircase again and pull out a bomb. As the flashing speed increases, jump off of the ledge and pull out the deku leaf to damage boost to the ledge. Unlike Methods 1 and 2 you don't need to use the Command Melody in this method.

Skip Using the Command Melody in the Block Room

Discovered by Chimpas

In the room with the blocks and the floor master, push the first block into the indention on the floor to open the skylight. Pickup Medli and align facing the breakable wall, between it and the spot of light. Now place Medli and 'call' her. Walk away from the wall and the light will reflect off Medli's harp and reveal the block.

Small Key Timesaver

Method 1

Discovered by Chimpas, Unreal

Backup towards the ledge, so that your back is facing the sarcophagus. Backflip towards the sarcophagus, and pull out the deku leaf to glide back to the higher platform. This should have disturbed the sarcophagus and revealed the key. Simply use the boomerang to bring the key to you.

Method 2

Discovered by YautjaElder

Jump off the ledge and glide to the top of the coffin with the key. You will want to make sure to glide at it from a far enough distance away so that the coffin begins to rattle before you land on top (otherwise it will knock you off). Now glide back to the ledge and boomerang the key.

Skip Triple Stalfos Fight

Discovered by Klydestorm

Climb on top of one of the stalfo's coffins (either one will work), then use leaf pumping to glide over to and grab the mirror shield ledge. Once you've gotten the mirror shield, the same hole will open in the ceiling as would normally happen if you defeated the stalfos, and you can shine light onto the symbol above the door to leave the room.

Break Wall without Command Melody

In the room before the that of the mini-boss, there is a wall on the left of the room (by the latter) that can be broken by shining light on it. However it can be broken without having to call Medli over and reflect light from her harp. Stand in the column of light as close as you can to the ledge while still being in the light. Reflect the light with your shield and while still holding R go into C-up. Now just look down to break the wall.

This trick is especially useful to get back to the statue room quickly and setting up for the following trick.

Skip Shining Light on Statue's Eyes

Method 1

Discovered by Paraxade

On the upper ledge in the statue room, place Medli near the wall and the ledge. Backflip, and use the deku leaf to ledge clip OoB. Pull yourself back up onto the ledge and now pickup Medli. From here, you can sidehop behind the statue and proceed.

Note: You can also use hovering to get to this ledge when you first enter the room from below. However, hovering to the ledge would only be useful when skipping the skull hammer in the dungeon.

Method 2

Following the current any% Earth Temple route (following the save-warp after you've obtained the mirror shield early as mentioned above) return to the chu room. You will notice that even though you opened the chest, it still appears as unopened and can be opened again (click here for more information on chest storage and how it works). Exploiting this fact, you can preform dry storage again and once again get chest storage off of that treasure chest.

Return to the statue room and pick-up Medli (who should be right next to the door). Once again use her to glide to the statue's left arm. This time, however, once you've landed do not drop Medli. Walk onto the statue's back and exploit the collision-effects of chest storage to drop her through the wall. Now strafe against the wall towards the edge of the statue until you grab it. Once you pull yourself up you should ledge clip through the wall and fall down to Medli.

Song Stone Skip

Skip Using Medli in the Rest of the Dungeon

After you have conducted the Earth God's Lyric by the Song Stone with Medli (after preforming the statue skip) the effects of chest storage will allow you to complete the remainder of the dungeon without her help (as long as you do not die, in which case you will have to get taken back to the statue room by a floor master, and will have to get chest storage again). Tricks pertaining to the current any% route of this dungeon that skips Medli from hear forth will be indicated by an asterisk (*).

Skip Using the Command Melody in 2nd Statue Room

In the room before the coffin room where you have to play the Earth God's Lyric, angle yourself so that you're facing the statue and backup a bit. Throw Medli and she should land in the light at the proper angle so that the light will reflect off her harp. Now quickly use the mirror shield to bounce the light onto the statue.

Skip the 2nd Statue Room*

After breaking the last song stone with Medli, proceed to the next room and melt the statue on the left. Go to this room and exploit chest storage to walk half-way in the wall so as to not touch the purple mist. Once you get near the edge on the opposite end of the pit, use a jumpslash to get up on it. Depending on the angle you use you may accidentally touch the purple mist.

Use two more jumpslashed to get up onto the ledge with the skull hammer peg. Walk over to the edge, and strafe into the wall and grab the ledge so that you'll ledge clip once you pull yourself up. Immediately pull out the deku leaf once you do to glide to the second statue room.

Run over and use either a jumpslash or the deku leaf to get on the pillar on the right side of the room. Again, strafe into the wall while grabbing the ledge so that you'll clip out-of-bounds. From here, use the deku leaf to glide behind the statue and through the door frame, then proceed to the coffin room. Note: You must glide through the side of the door frame for the door to remain non-solid. If you try to come at it from behind the door it may solidify--causing you to fall into the void.

Skip the Final Song Stone in the Coffin Room*

Once in the coffin room, head over to the song stone and walk part-way up it (making sure not to go to high, or you'll get squished by the ceiling and loose the effects of chest storage). Jump off and glide to the top of the nearest coffin on your left. Once again, use strafing to clip out-of-bounds, and then glide through the door frame behind the song stone to proceed.

Skip the Mirror Room

Discovered by Klydestorm

Once you enter the mirror room, head over to the right ledge. Using either Medli or a bomb, ledge clip OoB. Just as you clip OoB, hold L and turn Link so that he is facing away from the ledge he used to clip. Now use leaf pumping to get underneath the ground by the far door. If you continue holding L while leaf pumping, you'll have a much easier camera angle to deal with. Once you get back in bounds by the door, side walk, keeping close to the wall in front of you (you want to be careful not to clip too far into the barriers behind you. Now open the door and proceed.

Boss Key Skip

Method 1 - Ledge Clip and Hover

Discovered by Klydestorm

Call tingle and deminish your health to 1/2 heart. Ledge clip using Medli or a bomb and deku leaf above the bottom door. Fall and align yourself at a slight angle so that when you die by bomb you don't get pushed in bounds. Zombie hover and use a red Ting to heal yourself once you are above the level of the loading zone. Just before Tingle heals you, switch from mashing B to the Deku Leaf and glide to the loading zone.

Alternative Hover-less Methods

After preforming the ledge clip as in the previous method, there are multiple ways to reach the boss loading zone. Depending on your confidence with leaf pumping, you may choose to either go straight for the loading zone, or use an OoB patch of ground near the boss door and make your way to the loading zone from there.

1) If you are planning to glide directly to the loading zone there are two typical variations you can choose from:

† Use leaf pumping to get under the loading zone and then use a jumpslash to reach it. This requires near perfect leaf pumping, as well as the double magic meter, as if you lose any height while gliding over you probably won't make it.

Like the previous option, use leaf pumping to get under the loading zone, except this time, use a Tingle Bomb just as you get under the loading zone to boost you in. The height requirement on this is slightly more forgiving, but still quite strict on leaf pumping.

2) If you are planning Not to glide directly to the loading zone there is a small patch of OoB ground at the base of the stairs leading to the boss door. Note: both of these methods do not require the double magic meter. Depending on whether or not you have access to the Tingle Tuner you can:

Leaf pump to the small patch of ground, queue a Tingle Balloon, and then run under the loading zone and use a jumpslash to reach it.

† Leaf pump to the small patch of ground, throw a bomb towards the door so that it lands in bounds, and use the deku leaf to blow it closer to the boss door. Then glide under the loading zone and let the bomb explosion boost you into the loading zone.

† Leaf pump to the small patch of ground and walk towards the in bounds region so you are partway in the wall. Play the Command Melody and fly Medli over to you. Pick her up while still OoB and position yourself so the tips of Link's feet are just touching the edge of the invisible ledge (you can use the camera and Link's shadow to find this edge). Now try to make sure you do a small jump off the ground towards the loading zone. If the angle is correct and the jump is small enough Medli will fly you right under the loading zone. Now, to get in, take out your leaf and you will be pulled into the loading zone.

*3)Continuing along the current storage route for the dungeon, you can exploit chest storage one last time to skip the boss key. Simply roll up the spiked portion on the left side of the boss door frame to jump OoB and use the deku leaf to reach the loading zone. Note: Trying to roll on the smooth part of the door frame will not allow Link to clip.

† These methods do not require the Tingle Tuner.

Note: If you have access to the Tingle Tuner, you can use green Tings to refill your magic meter so that you do not need the double magic meter.

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