Deku Toad

Handy Tips

1) Once you kill all the tadpoles, if you roll towards Deku Toad he will jump up straight away rather than waiting for him.

2) If you C-Up while Deku Toad is in the air he will fall down immediately.

3) When Deku Toad falls down he will always face the center of the room

2 Cycle Deku Toad

The current Any% route does have bombs in Lakebed Temple but we don't have the master sword so we can't finish Deku Toad off in 1 cycle. With 3 bombs its still possible to kill him without a real second cycle.
After he drops from the floor the first time, place a bomb next to the tip of his tongue (kinda precise) and slash the bomb. As soon as he opens his mouth, throw another bomb into it and drop a final one on the ground next to where his tongue tip was before.

1 Cycle Deku Toad with Bombarrows

Since we don't have the Master Sword in TPHD before Lakebed we can't just finish him off quickly with just the sword. Instead just use 4 Bombarrows to kill him off. Make sure to hit him with the first Bombarrow before he starts with his first cycle.
Shoot the Bombarrow as soon as you can see Deku Toads tongue to skip the first tadpole cycle.

Last updated 04/25/2018 – Habreno