Fortress of Winds

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Big Key Skip

Discovered by mbrules

The Big Key Skip requires doing Portal Items with the Mole Mitts at the Minish Portal on the third floor. Place a bomb above the portal and perform Portal Items:

  • Position yourself next to the portal (either left or right, most people prefer left)
  • Hold up+right to push against the portal while walking diagonally upwards
  • Use Mole Mitts AFTER you've touched the upper half of the portal, if you jump on too early, you won't be able to clip
  • Right after using the Mole Mitts, stop holding up+right immediately*
  • Once you've hit the portal with the Mole Mitts, start holding hold right

*Sometimes you will get a really long Mole Mitts animation when trying to perform Portal Items. In this case, you were most likely holding up+right for too long after using the Mole Mitts.

Once you've preformed it, wait until the third bomb flash (the third flash is one frame so it's easy to miss!) and start pausing and unpausing until you are on one of the good frames shown below:

Third flash (bad frame)Inbetween frame 1 (good)Inbetween frame 2 (good)Inbetween frame 3 (good)Inbetween frame 4 (good)Fourth flash (depends*)
TMC FoW BK skip frame 1 TMC FoW BK skip frame 2 TMC FoW BK skip frame 3 TMC FoW BK skip frame 4 TMC FoW BK skip frame 5 TMC FoW BK skip frame 6

*The fourth flash sometimes doesn't work. Your best bet is the 4 inbetween frames.

Once you've paused on the correct frame start holding up and unpause. You should jump off the portal and the bomb will boost you out of bounds. After going OoB, head to the room to the left and jump off of the top door frame to put you on the correct layer and proceed to the boss.


If you go directly to the boss room after going OoB or if you go into the boss room before jumping down the door, you'll softlock the game.

Mazaal Strategy

It is possible while having one hand stunned to place yourself close enough in the palm to have the other hand not be able to hit you

The pillar with the eye in Mazaal's head is never in the same place two times in a row. Use this to route your digging for the 5 other pillars effectively.

Video Guide

English Route

Japanese and European Route

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