Get the Harp


  • Save at Upper Academy (UA) statue
  • Early Goddess Sword
    • Activate BiT via bridge post
    • Goddess Sword
    • Do not place Emerald Tablet
  • Groose Cutscene
  • Rescue your Loftwing
  • S&Q on Prompt
  • Load corrupt file to activate BiT
  • Place Emerald Tablet
  • Adventure Pouch Skip (or get Adventure Pouch from Fledge)
  • Wooden Shield from Owlan (if you didn't skip Adventure Pouch)
  • Fly to Faron

Faron Woods

  • Deku Babas
  • Jumpslash off ledges to Sealing Spike (damage to 2 hearts)
  • Revitalizing Potion (if you didn't skip pouch)
  • Impa and her beacon
  • Save Gorko from Bokoblins
  • Save Machi from Bokoblins
  • Roll into wall to knock down vine
  • Machi conversation
  • Crawlspace past Elder
  • Save Lopsa from Bokoblins
  • Save Erla from Grass
  • Save Oolo from Hiding
  • Slingshot
  • Enter Deep Woods
  • Extending Blow to skip Deep Woods
    • As a backup, save at Deep Woods statue and BiTWarp LA (positioning important)
  • Shoot switch to enter Skyview Temple

Skyview Temple

Eldin Volcano

  • Save at Volcano Entry statue
  • Die to Fire Chu to activate BiT
  • Bokoblin Fight for Digging Mitts
  • Fire Maze
  • Mogma/Impa cutscenes
  • Scale the sandy slopes
  • Mogma cutscene
  • First three key pieces
  • Save at Temple Entrance statue
  • Get through fire room
  • Fourth key piece on slide
  • Fifth key piece behind rocks
  • Deathwarp via lava
  • Enter Earth Temple

Earth Temple

Lanayru Desert

  • Save at Mine Entry statue
  • Activate BiT via bombs
  • Use revitalizing potion (if you have it)
  • Run to Lanayru Caves; refill bombs to 2 here
  • Run from West Desert to Hook Beetle area
  • Dual Technoblin fight
  • Hook Beetle
  • Brake Slide to reach Fire Node
  • Fire generator room
  • Bomb open lightning generator
  • Lightning generator room
  • Bomb rocks around timeshift stone near generator lock
  • Bomb open water generator
  • Generator lock puzzle
  • Lanayru Mining Facility

Lanayru Mining Facility

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