Lanayru Desert

First Visit: Mining Facility

Skip Mines/Early Gorge

Discovered by Abahbob

Save at the Mine Entry statue and activate BiT. Perform a BiTWarp using the Upper Academy statue. Link will land far OoB, so make your way back to the entrance to the Lanayru Caves. From here, you can go left to the Lanayru Gorge or right to the Western Desert.

Technoblin Fight Strategies

It is possible to throw a bomb before hitting the timeshift stone, and have the bomb kill one of the two Technoblins during the cutscene right after they spawn. The last one can then be killed normally. This is the fastest fight, but the window is quite narrow. If you have trouble hitting the timeshift stone, try holding right and Z for a few frames before the spin attack.

An alternate strategy is dependent on where the Technoblins move during the cutscene when the timeshift stone activates. If the one pictured during the cutscene walks towards the boundary of the timeshift area, a Skyward Strike will knock him out of the area. You can then throw a bomb to the front-right corner of the cage to cause the second Technoblin to run back into the cage, but he will still be in range of the bomb blast. Combining these two strategies yields a very fast fight.

If the Technoblin walks towards you during the cutscene, you can place a bomb to the side of the cage and slash it with your sword. If done quickly enough, both Technoblins will blow up. This is the fastest way to handle this random occurence.

As an added time save for all of these strategies, if you front-hop jumpslash into the cutscene trigger as the end-fight cutscene plays, you'll immediately trigger the Hook Beetle cutscene, skipping a small cutscene and running over to the rescued robot.

Skip Temple of Time area

It is possible to skip going through the Temple of Time area to reach the Northeastern desert area. There are two methods for doing so; the current method used in runs is the Brake Slide method. For the older Ampilus and BiTWarp methods, see Unused Strategies.

Method 1 - Brake Slide

Discovered by gymnast86

By using the Brake Sliding technique, Link can cross the giant sand pit which normally blocks him from reaching the northern part of the desert early.

Skip Ampilus in Fire Generator

It is possible to skip using the Ampilus shell to cross the sand in the Fire Generator room by using a Brake Slide to cross instead.

This is approximately the same speed as getting good luck with the Ampilus behavior, and saves time over bad luck with the Ampilus or its shell.

Skip Fi Text in Generators

It is possible to skip the Fi text that normally plays when you try to insert an Ampilus egg into the slot that opens the gates in the generator rooms. Hold Z to get right on the edge of the central platform so that it is pressed down, then release Z and stab. The egg will roll into the slot without the Fi text triggering.

Note that you must do this in both generator rooms; since the Fi text is fairly short, you must be fairly quick about setting it up or you won't end up saving time.

Skip Fi Text after Harp

After the cutscene where you obtain the Goddess Harp, it is possible to skip the Fi text by sidehopping or backflipping out of the trigger before it starts. Hold Z while selecting cancel at the save prompt, then mash or time the backflip. The window for this trick is only 2 frames, so it is easy to miss.

An amusing side effect of this trick is that your main quest dowsing option will remain as Zelda's face for the rest of the game. This does not affect the dowsing functionality.

Second Visit: Sandship

Deku Baba Skip in Skipper's Retreat

In Skipper's Retreat, there is a Deku Baba guarding a clawshot target. If you clawshot to the left of the target, the Baba will be distracted long enough for you to clawshot the target and then clawshot away, saving using the slow Hook Beetle to kill the Baba.

Pirate Stronghold Timesavers

Avoid the first Beamos

By running to the left edge of the first Beamos that spawns, you can fit through the gap between the door frame and the beamos and thus avoid fighting it.

Avoiding Deku Babas

In the short hallway with several Deku Babas, you can easily avoid them by pausing briefly before continuing.

Short Cutscene Skip

In the last section of the stronghold, you can skip a short cutscene that looks at a whip lever by jumpslashing over the trigger as you go through the doorway.

Third Visit: Minecart Escort

Minecart Escort Voiding

There are three places during the minecart escort where you can intentionally void to move the minecart forward.

First void

After the first main room with the Technoblins and the Deku Babas, running off the edge right after you hit the switch will respawn the minecart slightly forward. This void saves at most 2 seconds.

Second void

In the long room with the giant vine wall, when you reach the end of the vines there are two platforms that appear. Wait for the second platform to appear and then jump over the wall next to it. When you respawn you'll be on a platform above next to a switch. This void saves about 10-15 seconds.

Third void

After opening the gate with the whip, the passage way turns twice and then has a pit. If you jump into that pit, the minecart will warp forward when you respawn there. This void saves about 6-8 seconds.

Unused Strategies

Alternate Temple of Time area skips

Method 2 - Ampilus

Discovered by Aruki

By luring an Ampilus to the proper spot, it is possible to kill it so that its shell lands up against the metal wall. You can then climb on the shell and climb over the wall to the Stone Cache.

The setup is somewhat precise; after the second shield bash, the Ampilus should be next to the wall at about a 45 degree angle.

This is not used in runs because the Brake Slide version of this skip is about 9 seconds faster, and significantly easier.

Method 3 - BiTWarp

Discovered by Abahbob

After reaching the Lanayru Desert, save at the West Desert statue and activate BiT. Perform a BiTWarp with the Upper Academy statue. You will appear next to a chest in the Northern Desert, thereby skipping the Temple of Time area.

This is not used because the Brake Slide version of this skip is faster by about a minute.

Early Tree of Life Seedling

Discovered by Abahbob

After obtaining the Gust Bellows, save at the Lanayru Gorge statue and activate BiT. Perform a BiTWarp using the Upper Academy statue. This will put you on top of the cliff. From here, make your way over to the Tree of Life and activate the Timeshift Stone to get the seedling. You can get back across the gap by deathwarping.

This is not used in runs because the BiTLoading version of this trick is faster.

Beetle-Bomb trick

At the end of the escort, there is a section where you are supposed to use the beetle to grab a bomb and blow up some rocks. It is possible to use your own bomb, back up and quickly use the Beetle to carry your bomb to the rocks.

This is not (or should not) be used in runs, as it is slower than doing the intended method. It is only mentioned here because unknowing speedrunners have been known to do this in the past.

Precise arrow shot after seedling

After obtaining the Life Tree Seedling, run back to where the bridge was and use the bow to shoot the timeshift stone. The hitbox for the stone is strange; you need to aim higher and more to the right than it seems.

This is not used because the current route gets the Life Tree Seedling via BiT.

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