Majora's Mask - Any%

1:38:22 by your_bro_bri (58th place)

Note: your_bro_bri has submitted a faster time here.

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27:17 Sonata :) (Swamp grotto)
- missed log jump on way to SoS (~30 sec)
- missed pcs (~20 sec)
- Killed dinolfos but got hit, then put on zora mask while still on fire and had to do the shittiest redo in recorded history (~50 sec)
- Odolwa the frog (~15 sec)
- Lullaby (~2.5 minutes)
- Poopoo Snowhead like you wouldn't believe (FOUR WHOLE MINUTES END MY LIFE)
- STT was aight overall, but probably has 1.5 minute saves from twinmold and general sloppiness
- 30 seconds on Majora
- Another estimated minute to braindead garbage movement and menuing

I think I can sub 1:30 if I keep trying. Hopefully I have recording equipment by then.

Zeepo sucks anus-hole