Any% (NG+)

Route by CloudMax

New Game+ for Farore's Wind on B

  • Backflip off house, collect 15 rupees
  • Buy Deku Nuts from the shop
  • Walking While Talking Forest Escape
  • Cross Hyrule to Market, To Castle, Talk to owl
  • Exit and re-enter Castle, Pocket Egg
  • Wake up Talon, cross gap with 1 or 2 crates
  • Zelda's Lullaby
  • Kakariko, show Letter to guard, HESS to Goron City
  • Lullaby to open Darunia's room, 2 Deku sticks from pots (2 Sticks)
  • Use torches to open Lost Woods, get a 3rd stick from a pot on the way (3 Sticks)
  • Through Lost Woods to Saria's song (2 Sticks)
  • After cutscene, back to Darunia through Lost Woods
  • Play song for Goron Bracelet, get the same 3 sticks again (5 Sticks)
  • Open Dodongo's Cavern with the bomb flower
  • Dodongo's Cavern normally, kill the first Lizalfos pair with a Broken Deku Stick (4 Sticks)
  • Dodongo's Cavern normally, pass fire circle without slingshot
  • Kill the second Lizalfos pair with a Broken Deku Stick (3 Sticks)
  • Pass fire circles without slingshot, Bombs
  • Open the Dodongo's mouth with bombs, leave Dodongo's Cavern
  • Up Death Mountain Trail to magic (Optional HESS opportunities)
  • Jump down DMT to Goron City
  • Place Farore's Wind (DMT -> Goron City) If necessary, you can get extra deku sticks now
  • Back to Dodongo's Cavern
  • Complete the rest of Dodongo's Cavern normally
  • Defeat King Dodongo (0 Sticks)
  • Farore's Wind Wrong Warp in Blue Warp. If done correctly you should be in the end credits, Congrats on the run!
Last updated 05/16/2017 – arontoad99