Door of Time Skip

One of the largest sequence breaks in console OoT isn't that big in the 3DS version, because the Door of Time was made wider, which makes it impossible to get past it with the sideroll clip.

Despite that, it's still possible to Wrong Warp behind it with 2 different methods and get the Master Sword.

Death Hole Wrong Warp

Discovered by Nargacugakilling and 966623
- Use the Restricted Items glitch to place a Farore's Wind point in the Market
- Activate Death Hole Wrong Warp, and return to the Farore's Wind point
- Enter the shooting gallery, and then the Temple of Time
- After the cutscene plays, pull the Master Sword.

Note: You cannot have previously watched the Temple of Time intro cutscene todo this glitch, it has to be there in order for the game to "exit" the Death Hole mode. If the cutscene isn't there the temple "Blackscreens" and grabbing the Master Sword in that state crashes the game after the Light Medallion cutscene.

Farore's Wind Wrong Warp

Discovered by Gamestabled

This method is lenghty and requires using New Game+ Hammer to kill Volvagia.

In order to survive the hot areas it's recommended to get bottled fairys and Heart Containers. After getting Farore's Wind, set a warp to the Twins House in Kokiri Forest. Now A-Slide clip to Fire temple, get the small key, then the Boss key and finally kill Volvagia.

Now do the Restricted Items glitch to Farore's Wind Wrong Warp. If done correctly, you warp to the cutscene where Ganon thanks you for opening the Door of Time. After that you go to the Chamber of Sages like normal and get the Light Medallion.

Last updated 06/22/2013 – Pedalpowerluigi