Bottom of the Well

Bottom of the Well Early

There is two known ways to access Bottom of the Well early, both of which requires the use of triple slash.

Method 1 - Clip

Discovered by Kazooie

This method requires it to be day as you use a Cucco combined with Triple Slash Clip which allows you to get out of bounds.

There is multiple acute angles in Kakariko Village that allows you to enter BotW with the use of a Cucco. The most popular one being located to the left of the tunnel, coming from the graveyard. Another less popular one is located next to the back entrance of the Potion Shop.

  1. Place a Cucco so that you can reach it while being OoB
  2. Use Triple Slash Clip to get OoB
  3. Pick up the Cucco
  4. Fly into the BotW loading zone

Method 2 - Dive

The boulder that blocks the BotW entrance is not present during night, making it possible to enter with the use of Triple Slash Dive.

  1. Stand on the Wells edge
  2. Perform Triple Slash Dive
  3. Swim into the Entrance

Actor Glitch

By exiting through the crawlspace next to the fountain from the main room and opening the door before the camera adjusts, you can unload the main room of the dungeon. As of now this is completely useless, except it can save you from collecting all the keys.

Coffin Key with Boomerang

By throwing the boomerang so that it enters the coffin and hits the key inside of it as it returns to you, you can skip opening the coffin by lighting the torch.

Last updated 02/19/2013 – benstephens1000