Get Item Manipulation

Get Item Manipulation (GIM) is a memory manipulation glitch which can be used to modify which item you receive from an item drop on the ground by modifying the Get-Item value. The most common method involves getting Walking While Talking on an item drop which gives text when you obtain it and also the ability to move while the item is in your face, the process of which is known as Get Item Delay (GID).

These items drops include Deku Stick, Deku Nut, Deku Seeds, Magic Jars, Heart Pieces, Shields, Tunics and Fire Arrow. The item drop doesn't change the Get-Item value, it only depends of the chest you go in front of so the A button says "Open" (note that it's not only chests, you can also go near Heart Pieces, Ruto's letter, Ocarina of Time, bugs, fish etc... as long as you don't grab them, which would either crash the game or interrupt the GIM)

A list of items which are obtainable from the corresponding chest is here:
Note that if you're not using a chest (as said before, a Heart Piece for example) the Get-Item value will be set directly to the item you touched and so in that case, you'll get a heart piece, that's a way to duplicate items. One exception is bottled items such as fish, fairies (not big fairies) or bugs. They will set the Get-Item value to 126 which corresponds to a deku stick. Also, going near a rock, bush, or other object and having "Grab" on A appear will set the Get-Item value to 0, which will make the Get-Item animation not play when you jump into water, so you will receive nothing.

Get-Item Value

The Get-Item value is different from the Item Chart in the way that this value updates when you get close to an item without picking it up. This value has been created by the developpers to make us able to open actors (chests in that case). For whatever reason (please Mzxrules, help me on that one) the value stays positiv if you get close to an item that is not in a chest, (nuts, heart pieces, bugs etc...) but goes negative if you hump a chest. This is why in GIM state, you don't get the item in the chest when you jump into water but the negativ value of this one.


If an item you can pick up is close enough to the crawlspace, you can enter it and exit it to stuck the camera for a short amount of a time, if you pick the item drop during that time, the camera will mess up and Link won't be able to move; however enemies should still be able to walk around, the idea is to get hit by one of them to be able to move again (note that you can cancel the textbox after getting hit)

Revived by a fairy in Water

This method is very similar to the crawlspace method since it's based on a weird camera state. If you drown or just die in water the camera will mess up and you'll have to pick an item drop quickly and get touched by something afterward. For some reason, if you die out of bounds, the camera will mess up for a very long time, making GIM easier to get.

Swim on land glitch

Discovered By: GlitchesAndStuff

A original method for GID is to use the swim on land glitch.
To activate this glitch, you need to be in water, equip Iron boots while holding Z and a direction to swim with Iron boots. Oddly enough this will make able to swim on land too, at that point you can unequip Iron boots.

Now if you dive and pull out a 1st person item (hookshot, bow...) you'll stay in a diving state also called as 8 A because this is what displays the A button. From now on, you need to pick up an item which should store a ground jump and more importantly, activate the GIM.

This method is very interesting because it doesn't require any enemies after picking the item drop however this can only be done as adult since you need Iron boots.

Grabbing a Vine while underwater

This is the current method used in Any%. There are a few ways to do this method, which are shown below. They all require something special. The first shown method involves grabbing the vine out of an underwater superswim. The second method grabs the vine from out of bounds water with Return A. The third method grabs vines with Return A as the water is lowering.

Oddities of GIM

It's important to note GIM will put the game in a weird state, for example you can pull out bombs and bombchus but you won't be able to use them. they will freeze in mid air until you remove the GIM. That's why it's almost impossible to hover with GIM.

It's also important to note you can only open doors with a knob on it and not sliding doors. If you leave the area, die, or reset the game, GIM will disappear.

Version Differences

Unfortunately the GIM can crash depending on the item you picked up, this depends of the console you're using and not the version. It also looks like there are no differences between PAL and NTSC version.

If the game crashes it's because the graphic process can't handle the weird display of the item after jumping into water.

Item/ConsoleWii VCGamecubeWii U VCIQue
Deku Stick
Deku Nut
Deku Seed
Heart Piece
Deku Shield
Hylian Shield
Goron Tunic
Zora Tunic
Magic Jars
Fire Arrow

will be completed later...

Nintendo64 and Emulators

You probably noticed N64 and emulators aren't in the board above, it's because you can change the graphic plugin on emulators, a few of them make the game crashes sometimes, every time or even never crashes.

The N64 case is a bit different, GIM doesn't only depends of the Get-Item value but also of the item you picked up. And not only this; it seems like it could also depend on the camera angle. It needs more testing though.
For now, the items than can sometimes work are magic jars, deku sticks and both shields. It also has been discovered that it's possible to use a "cutscene item" to do GIM with drops that usually crash (for example, if you pulled out magic beans or zelda's letter while the item you GIM'd with was deku nuts, the game will be able to handle it and you shouldn't crash when jumping into water).

Last updated 05/01/2018 – Exodus