Shrine Locations

There are 8 shrines in the Central Hyrule region.
Hyrule Map

Dah Kaso Shrine

This is a Minor Test of Strength Shrine.

Kaam Ya'tak Shrine

It is possible to skip all the puzzles of this shrine by doing a Shield Bomb Jump at the start. Once you make it on top of the ceiling, shield jump across two gaps to get to the end.

Getting Edge of Duality

This shrine contains a chest with an Edge of Duality, a very useful weapon for speedruns. It is possible to get up on the wall doing the previous method, drop down, grab the chest and get back up. The fastest way to get back up is by getting to the big door that leads to the end after grabbing the weapon, dropping a metal weapon down, and with Magnesis using it to push the door open. That way you can get through it and finish the shrine.

Katak Chuki Shrine

This is a Minor Test of Strength Shrine.

Namika Ozz Shrine

This is a Modest Test of Strength Shrine.

Noya Neha Shrine

This is a Minor Test of Strength Shrine.

Rota Ooh Shrine

The Small Key in this shrine can be skipped. Shoot an arrow or throw a bomb at the switch to turn the center around, then jump at it as it moves to land on top of it. Stand towards the back end of the platform and activate the switch again, taking care not to fall off as it turns, then walk to the ending.

It is also possible to skip directly to the end without moving the structure even once.

Saas Ko'sah Shrine

This is a Major Test of Strength Shrine.

Wahgo Katta Shrine

It is possible to skip constructing a bridge to reach the ending of this shrine.


Put down a Remote Bomb and use Magnesis to place a metal box on top of the bomb. Stasis the box while it is on top, melee hit the box once and climb on it. Detonate the bomb and the Stasis, then jump and glide to the ending. Using two bombs or additional melee hits may help as you will be launched up higher, making the angle required less precise and the glide easier.

Octo Balloons

Pull out a metal box with Magnesis and climb on top of it. Drop two or more Octo Balloons on it and once it reaches enough height, jump and glide to the end.

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